My Birthday

Ok my birthday is coming up(July 1) and I already know I'm going to Anime Expo in California xD the first time a Anime Con that starts on my birthday. I was also thinking about getting a Super Dollfies but I don't know where to look. I don't know the right price for them nor do i want to get scammed and end up paying more then its worth. Should I buy new or used? I'm at a lost right now.
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xD it's all most time

YAY I'm so happy my first meetup is this Sunday and only one of my orders came i have a petticoat now and I'm happy but one is better than nothing right? well I'm happy but I am alil sad, I went to the store that have hello kitty stuff I wanted to put in my goodie bags but they were all out. I had to change it up i really hope everyone likes it. o.o I don't know what to do for the guys so i made all the goodie bags the same in a way. I put some candy and little eggs in it and a pin with a small note pad its all very cute and I'm very happy with them and i hope they will be as well. xD
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well I it seems like this week is moving fast but yet very slow. I want to get paid from work but I also don't want Friday to come yet. The week will almost be over and i yet to have anything I ordered. i will try to sleep today and see what tomorrow brings.


another day of bring dizzy with loli stuff but its cool >.< trying to get my best friend to do loli but shes a know-it-all <.< she say she already know how to do loli but never did but what ever im still have with everything i cant wait to meet up with all the loli in chicago


words can not even begin to explain how happy i am for finding all the groups im in and talking to other Loli i have no words for it in the beginning i felt alone and scared but now im all over the place i can cry cause im so happy so the only word that can some what explain what im feeling it "YAY" lol

day two

i started a group on facebook for lolita cause i live in chicago and i couldnt find not one group most groups for chicago real not really in chicago their are on the out sides and north of chicago but i live in chicago but yeah just starting out in lolita is hard most of my friends think im crazy for it and i really dont have anyone to talk to about it so im here writing all my thoughts about lolita thanks for listening to me


OK i was just talking to my friend and he said i should do a tea party for Lolita's in chicago omg omg omg im so going to do it i cant wait so now its time to plan plan plan plan xD yay im so happy

my first day

hi everyone this is my very first day on my way to living a life as a Lolita i started today by buying a dress on online and making some stuff im not yet at 100% but i am working hard at it i feel good about what i have done and i cant wait until i